x-Pricing & Features

Pricing & Features
We try to keep our pricing as simple and as transparent as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our pricing scheme, the possibilities for free trials of premium features and free availability and support for non-profit organizations.



Use the basic version of registraid.com for FREE:

  • basic features plus some extra's
  • for events that are free of charge
  • up to 100 registrations
  • 1 form per event


Pay as you go

  • for more than 100 attendants and/or paid registrations 
  • no strings attached, just pay for what you use
  • prices starting at € 1,20 per registration
most popular!
per year
< 500
501 - 5.000

5.001 - 10.000 > 10.000
per registration
€ 2,00
€ 1,70 

€ 1,50 € 1,30


  • get 10% discount on the prices above when paying beforehand
  • use your credits during 2 years
  • starting from 5.000 registrations/year

Electronic invoicing & payment handling

  • € 3,50 per registration
  • plus credit card fees where applicable
  • contact us for more information about using your own payment provider


Modules to get even more out of your event

module - € 250,- /website
Set up your event website in no time, including features like online participant lists, notification board etc.

Mobile app
module - € 750,- /app
Wondering why other mobile app solutions with the same features are so expensive? We don't know either...

Scientific module - € 1.000,- /event
Quick and easy abstract handling, completely integrated  


Don't have the time to deal with registrations & marketing? Need more mailings?
We're here to help!

Support - € 65,- /hour
e.g. with setting up projects, mobile app, print badges, make custom templates
Support contracts available, contact us for more information
Mailings - € 0,02 /mail
If you need more than the 1.000 free mails included in every event

Customization & tailor made solutions
Missing any functions? Contact us, we might have it, or we can make it for you!  


A complete feature list would be to long to show here, so we tried to keep it as short as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing something or have questions about a feature!

= limited features/customization options in the free version

Custom registration pages    
Multiple forms for different groups: participants, speakers, invitees, sponsors   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Built in & custom templates   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Custom url's & favicons     
Embed forms in your own website mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Attendees registration with social media profiles mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Mobile friendly & fully responsive forms mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
True multilinguality   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Reporting & monitoring tools    
Keep track of registrations, turnover, deadlines etc. o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Standard mailings for invitation, confirmation, payment reminders etc.  mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Customize standard mailings o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Send invites, notifications, reminders & updates to all attendees or to specific subgroups (1.000 individual mails per event included, see pricing for e-mail packages) o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Mobile app, websites, pages     
Add pages to your form for extra explanation during the subscription proces   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Built-in pages like message board & online participant lists   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Attendee Check-in & Real-time data    
Seamlessly check in and monitor attendees activity on-site   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Copy & paste events    
Easily copy whole events and/or forms instead of starting from scratch every time   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Surveys & polls    
Collect and visualize attendee information via simple forms mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Group registration    
Let one person register multiple persons in one go   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Payments & ticketing    
Multiple price options management   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Set up different kinds of payment methods   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Send e-tickets with barcodes or QR-codes mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Multi-session registration    
Register for specific sessions or tracks of the main event mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Event promotion tools    
Use promotional links, voucher codes and coupons   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Let attendees share their participation online (social media, mail, …) o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Measure and visualize the impact of your mailings o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Custom badges    
Create customized badges and print them directly from the system o mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Waiting list    
Open waiting lists when your event (or a part of it) is full   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Mobile box office    
Easily set up a mobile box office - or let us handle it for you   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Easily set up a small shop to sell items/products   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Lead retrieval    
Sponsor & exhibitor interface for easy lead retrieval    mojoimagealt-2469-alt
User administration    
Add users and define what they are allowed to see and do, e.g. administrator/event owner, administrative staff, front desk staff, speakers, authors, reviewers, exhibitors etc.   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Support & Customization    
From self service to full service, you decide how much support you need   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Qualified support staff with years of event experience   mojoimagealt-2469-alt
In-house development, for all your customization needs   mojoimagealt-2469-alt


 Features of additional modules Web Mobile Scientific
Mobile app, websites, pages       
Integrated event app - no more need to export data!   mojoimagealt-2469-alt  
Custom url's mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt  
Networking & connecting      
Let attendees exchange messages with each other mojoimagealt-2469-alt  mojoimagealt-2469-alt  
Possibility for attendees to plan 1to1's or group meetings, based on time, place, interest …  mojoimagealt-2469-alt mojoimagealt-2469-alt  
Abstract handling      
Let speakers submit their abstract, presentation, poster…     mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Send a link to your reviewers so they can review everything online     mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Link presentations to sessions     mojoimagealt-2469-alt
Print an abstract book     mojoimagealt-2469-alt



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